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Hi! I'm Martina

I’m a wanderer of life, I live everyday with excitement and no expectation! I love yoga, pets, travels and all things healthy! For me balance is the key!I started my yoga journey in 2015 and decided to become a yoga teacher shortly after. I’m a certified Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher, but I like to get inspiration from other styles and disciplines in my practice and teaching.I’m based in Milan (Italy) where I teach regular classes, my second home is London (UK) and I travel to teach workshops and masterclass all around the world.
My mission with #READYSETYOGA , my online yoga community, is to share my love for yoga, bring it to as many people as possible and make this beautiful practice more accessible to everyone.
Through yoga we are kinder, more balanced and united!
Certified Yoga Teacher - Web Content Creator - Digital Entrepreneur